What's this?

Need to survey your expenses? Plan a big purchase? Need to pay by installments, but you don't know if you can effort this new outcome?
Sooner or later you will need to keep track of your expenses and you try to get an help from technology!

You will try a lot of apps or web services or desktop programs!
Many of these are (or try to be) professional or semi-professional!
You think "Wow! This will solve all my problems" but you lost your mind because these do much more than you need and are typically too much hard to use for a generic customer!

Apps are normally simpler, but when you start to use these ask for insert a lot of entry, recurring expenses and incoming! You need to categorize all of these and constantly keep track of all expenses to let final statistics to be realistics!
And finally, after weeks or months, you can see how you spend your money!

But the future?

None of those apps still answer to more important questions:
How much can I save monthly?
What should be my installment of my next purchase to avoid going into the red?
Or simply: how much money I have at day X?


This is what I will have in 12 months (example given).
I've inserted all my recurring expenses: mortgage, extimated bills, salary and all incomes and outcomes I remember, then I set my actual amount and all my planned occurrence I actually remember!

SMARTAMOUNT used these informations to show me a chart and calculate some useful statistics!

What happens now?

For example…

Q: I need to change the refrigerator, and I want to pay it by installments! SMARTAMOUNT shows that each month I save $150.00!
Not bad! But if I try to insert this amount, now it shows that I will go into the red in a few months!
A: Don't worry! It was due to a planned outcome! I can ask for a lower installment..

Q: I had a car failure, but I need it and I cannot postpone spending! I see I can have needed amount at this day, but I will go red after due to mortgage! What can I do?
A: Know months before can help you to solve those kind of problems! In fact, if you react large time before it happens, you can easly solve the problem asking for a mortgage suspension, or postponing others expenses, or trying to get needed amount in some other way! Reacting too late will close some or all these possibilities!

Q: So I need to keep track of EACH expense that I do?
A: Depends to how close you risk to go to red... However, you can easily use "Set start amount" feature, that clear ALL past non-recurring occurrences and set current amount!
So, you can check your current account balance each time you need accuracy, or use a rough estimate in other cases.

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